Modernization of the hospital sector in Denmark

Over the next ten years, the Danish Regions will invest DKK 41.4 billion in the modernization of the Danish hospital sector. The main principles of the new hospital structure consist of centralization in terms of reduction in the number of hospitals and reduction of hospitals with highly specialized functions and emergency departments, and decentralization in terms of strengthening of the pre-hospital effort, strengthening the role of the GPs and co-operation with the municipalities.

The objective is to achieve better and more cohesive patient pathways, improved patient safety (for example single rooms, which will lead to reduction in hospital related infections), greater efficiency and higher quality.

The need to modernize the hospital structure and the associated investments in physical facilities, new technology and equipment is part of the budget agreement between the Danish Government and Danish Regions for 2008. 16 hospitals will be built with funds from the Danish Government, i.e. from Kvalitetsfonden.

These 16 hospital constructions are co-financed by the Government. Besides these 16 projects, the regions also have a number of construction projects within the area of health and psychiatry, which they finance themselves. The projects vary from the construction of new hospitals on vacant sites to projects involving large renovations or extensions to be integrated with existing hospital buildings.