Focus on patient involvement – Our Common Healthcare System

Our Common Healthcare System is an ambitious project and vision initiated in April 2015 by Danish Regions in partnership with patient organizations, unions and municipalities. The purpose of the project is to improve the ability within the healthcare system to listen to the citizens’ knowledge, needs and preferences in order to improve healthcare outcomes, citizens’ experiences and the quality of life for patients and their relatives.

This requires a systematic approach on all levels in implementing and promoting a culture, which not only focuses on efficiency and productivity, but also on patient involvement where citizens, patients and relatives feel that their knowledge, needs and preferences are at the heart of treatment, caring and rehabilitation. In order to implement the visions and cultural changes, the central actors within the healthcare system will launch a series of focused partnership projects. The progress and results will be under continuous assessment

The modernization of the Danish hospital sector also provides an opportunity for supporting the overall visions within Our Common Healthcare System. Some of the key themes for the hospital construction projects are for example:

Innovation – in terms of different forms of leadership, organization and procedures, and the use of new technology to support cohesive and more efficient patient treatment.
Design and architecture – for example single bedrooms, which provides space for private conversations between staff, patients and relatives.
User consultation – the needs of staff, patients and family members and their expectations of the services provided by the health system, which serve as inspiration in the process.