Hospital & Innovation in the New Health Paradigm

As health pioneers we discover new problems and solutions almost every day, managing a constant change in healthcare. Current trends such as personalized medicine, data driven & value-based healthcare with a strong focus on the individual presents a completely new landscape of opportunities and challenges for the hospitals. It is a time for both an agile approach with the possibility of embracing serendipity and a meticulously planned progress.

Our hospitals can become the center of the new health paradigm.

Hospital + Innovation 2017 conference focus on three main topics of the new health paradigm:

  • The role of the hospital in 2030 

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies reveals the results from a high-level scenario study that present the future of health 2030 and pins out the arising opportunities and threats for hospitals.

  • Innovation in design, functionality and constructions of hospitals 

Focus on best practices from the current process of investing more than €5.6 billion in 16 new Danish hospital projects including new greenfield projects and expansion of existing capacity.

  • Genomics & data driven personalized health in hospitals 

The field of genomics is progressing fast and the Danish government has decided to develop a more targeted health care for patients using e.g. personalized medicine and genomics as part of the future healthcare system based on the unique Danish data.

Join the following speakers at the Hospital+Innovation Congress

Allan Flyvbjerg

(Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen)

Anne Seiersen

Director Forsikring & Pension

Anne Smetana

Chief Consultant
Healthcare DENMARK

Arne Nikolajsen

Direktør Sundhed & Omsorg

Benjamin Turner

Bioinformatics Custom Solutions Qiagen

Bogi Eliasen

Health Specialist
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Danielle Siarri

Master of Science in Nursing

Elisabeth Ginsberg

Innovation consultant
BørneRiget, Rigshospitalet, Capital Region, Denmark

Erik Jylling

Executive Vice President
Health Politics  Danish Regions

Esra Özgümüş

International Director

Evy Ottesen

Nordsjællands Hospital
Northern Zealand Region of Denmark

Fiona Nielsen

CEO Repositive

Gert Sørensen

Danish National Genome Center

Harold F. Wolf III

President & CEO

Henrik Rindall

Chief Medical Officer

Jacqueline Hall

National projects Business Development Manager
Seven Bridges

Jan Toft

Development manager
(Hospital of Southern Jutland)

Jens Wither Jensen

Regionernes Kliniske Kvalitetsudviklingsprogram

Joao Bocas

Joao Bocas The Wearable Expert

Jonas Knudsen

Research Director

Kevin Davies

Genomic author and analyst
Founder Nature Genetics, The CRISPR Journal

Kjeld Møller Pedersen

Professor, Health Economics and Health Policy
University of Southern Denmark

Liz Worthey

Director Software & Informatics

Lone Krogsbøll

Investment Manager
Health Invest in Odense

Maritta Perälä-Heape

Director at Centre for Health and Technology (CHT),
University of Oulu, Finland

Mathias Seraphin

Hospital Planning (Vamed)

Michael Bech

Prof. , CEO at KORA
Professor of Health Economics at KORA the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research

Ole Tejlgaard

Hospital logistics
in search of coherent solutions

Ole Thomsen

Head of Corporate Management
(Central Denmark Region)

Peder Jest

Executive Director, CMO,
Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Peter Bak

(Humber River Hospital)

Peter Høngaard Andersen

Director Danish Innovation Fund

Roald Forsberg

Senior Management Executive

Stefan Buttigieg

Informatics & Dr.
M.D, Specialist Trainee in Public Health Medicine

Steffen Lerche

Biography Director

Stephanie Lose

Regional Council Chairman
Region of Southern Denmark

Søren Brunak

Research Director
(Disease & System Biology, Copenhagen University)

Terry Vrijenhoek

DNA Visionary
University Medcial Center Utrecht

Tom Johansen

Consultant in robotics
(Hospital of Southern Jutland)

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